Hope Ranch

Upscale and thoroughly private, with just 773 homes on 1,800 park-like acres.

Welcome to Hope Ranch

Upscale and thoroughly private, with just 773 homes on 1,800 park-like acres.
Once owned entirely by 1800s-era rancher Thomas W. Hope, from whom its name derives, Hope Ranch was developed residentially in the 1920s. Characterized by a broad mesa dotted with rolling knolls, a magnificent stretch of coastline, and a network of neighborhood equestrian trails, it’s now become a sanctuary for well-to-do Californians.
A private residential community nestled between the Santa Ynez mountains and Pacific coastline, this unincorporated suburb of Santa Barbara offers its inhabitants an abundance of recreational activities: there’s an exclusive-access beach, a members-only golf club, tennis courts, picnic grounds, and a network of equestrian trails. Ranch residents also enjoy a high degree of seclusion, as only three roads are public. It’s a palm-lined, peaceful oasis that’s a world all of its own.

The Neighbors

CEOs, celebrities, and long-established families mingle in this exclusive enclave.
Renowned as a getaway for the affluent—several homes in the ‘hood have played host to former U.S. presidents on vacation—the Ranch is peaceful and safe. The community’s own private security patrol and active homeowners association are tasked with protecting and maintaining the area.

What to Expect

A serene, sporty haven with a community vibe.
Varying, generously-sized estates designed to take advantage of the land’s unique topography give Ranch manors a sense of charming individuality. While homes are often gated or cloaked behind a riot of greenery, residents mix at Hope Ranch Beach, La Cumbre Country Club, and Laguna Blanca School.

The Lifestyle

Outdoor activities abound: denizens have exclusive access to a beach, tennis courts, picnic areas, bridle trails, and a golf club.
Hope Ranch’s welcoming array of recreational options and community gatherings—such as the popular annual family beach camp-out each summer—unify the neighborhood and encourage residents to take advantage of the region’s average 250+ sunny days.

Unexpected Appeal

22 miles of equestrian trails crisscross the neighborhood.
About 10% of the Ranch community owns horses, and riders are allowed the dreamy perk of cantering right onto the sandy shoreline of the Hope Ranch Beach.

The Market

Sprawling estates and luxury homes, with approximately 30 sales each year.
Fewer than 7 plots of land remain undeveloped in this limited community, and most existing homes start at $1.5 million or more.

You'll Fall in Love With

Hope Ranch Beach, a halcyon strip of sand accessible by residential keycard only, and the community’s center come summer.
Dotted with tidepools and enclosed by stunning bluffs, the quiet, privately-accessed coastline of Hope Ranch Beach swells to include lifeguards, a staff of “beach boys,” and food stands each summer, all for the service of Ranch residents and their guests. At the beach entry point stand two cheerful bathhouses built in the 1920s, recently renovated to include lockers, bathrooms, outdoor showers, beach board wash racks, and kayak lock-ups.

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