Stunning mountain-to-sea scenery paired with California casualness captivates any who stumble across this oceanside hamlet.

Welcome to Carpinteria

Stunning mountain-to-sea scenery paired with California casualness captivates any who stumbles across this oceanside hamlet.
Once home to the Chumash tribe, who used the area’s natural surface asphalt to seal their canoes—leading later Spanish explorers to give the area its name, which means “the carpentry shop”— this town has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Once considered the sleepier sister to nearby destinations like Santa Barbara and Montecito, easygoing “Carp” has experienced a boom in its dining and shopping scene and has become a newer entrant to the gold coast’s luxury home market, with ocean-facing houses currently going for more than $20 million.
Located 12 miles southeast of Santa Barbara, this friendly coastal community slipped between one of California’s most beautiful stretches of shoreline and the stunning Santa Ynez mountain range has a small-town charm that endears it to denizens and visitors alike. Named for the canoe-building carpentry enterprises of the Chumash tribe that lived there, and dubbed “Carp” by locals, it has a relaxed pace and neighborly spirit.

The Neighbors

Families aplenty (the town is known for family-friendliness) mixed with an array of surfers, artists, longtime avocado and flower growers, retirees, and even a celebrity or two hiding from Hollywood.
A diversified group has settled in Carpinteria, drawn together by their attraction to the small-town sensibility that it still offers. The town’s longtime agricultural growers now mingle with famous residents such as actor Kevin Costner, among others.

What to Expect

The vibe is mellow in laid-back Carp, where days are spent at the beach or strolling the shop-filled thoroughfare of Linden Avenue.
Residents spend their days ducking into Linden Avenue hubs like The Spot, Worker Bee Cafe, or The Palms on their way to mile-long Carpinteria City Beach, lingering over a cold brew and acai bowls outdoors at nearby Lucky Llama, wandering the beautiful 53-acre Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve, or surfing off Rincon Point—known as one of the world’s best spots for swells.

The Lifestyle

Sun, surf, and sand are staples of this beach-centric society.
Here, there’s a strip of shoreline to suit every taste, from the all-around popular kid of Carpinteria City Beach to the tide pool-bedecked Carpinteria State Beach, the local favorite Santa Claus Lane Beach, and the surfing hotspot of Rincon Point. Away from the sand, main streets like Linden Avenue, Carpinteria Avenue, and Santa Claus Lane have all experienced a resurgence of local businesses and shops. The town also hosts thousands each year for its famous October Avocado Festival and the annual Orchard to Ocean 5K and 10K run.

Unexpected Appeal

Carpinteria City Beach, a.k.a. the “world’s safest beach,” is consistently rated as one of the best beaches for swimming in California.
Locals declare that Carpinteria’s beaches are even nicer than the storied shoreline of their more-famous neighbor, Santa Barbara—and none are as beloved as Carpinteria City Beach. Thanks to protection from the Channel Islands, waves are gentle and riptides absent, making it especially safe for children to wade. A plethora of picnic tables, volleyball nets, and even a beach shack that rents out inner tubes and boogie boards have turned it into a favorite destination for all ages.

The Market

Entry-level homes and condos plus beachfront properties along ocean-adjacent Padaro Lane that go for multi-millions.
Scads of ranch and tract homes fill Carp, with little development beyond a few newer condos and townhomes. Residences stretch into the slopes of the Santa Ynez mountains down to the sea, with ocean view housing commanding the highest prices in the area. Beyond Foothill Road, intimate neighborhoods give way to agricultural farms and fields.

You'll Fall in Love With

The walkability of this small town is enhanced by the charming local Seaside Shuttle.
With a route that winds past Carpinteria City Beach along the cheerful streets of Linden and Carpinteria Avenue, then loops around El Carro Lane to come back again, hopping on the darling electric-run Seaside Shuttle to get around town is one of the many pleasures of living in Carp. The best part? It costs only 50 cents to ride.

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